Throwing and decorating with Jin Eui Kim – 14,15-16 maart


Masterclass given by the talented famous artist Jin Eui Kim.

Learn from the master himself different throwing forms and decorating techniques with engobes. An experience to remember!


This workshop is scheduled on 14-15-16th of March, from 10am to 16pm. This workshop is given in English.


DAY 1:

  • Presention about the artists work.
  • A demonstration of wheel-throwing and explore making various forms.
  • Specific plans can be discussed and finalised.


DAY 2:

  • Introduction of more advanced forms or techniques compared to the first day.
  • Demonstration of the application of engobes on bisque-fired pieces.

DAY 3:

  • Focus on trimming the pieces created on the first day.
  • Demonstration of techniques and tips used in his work, such as joining two pieces together or creating grooves on the surface.


About the teacher:

Jin Eui Kim is an accomplished ceramic artist with a global reputation. Originally from South Korea, he now resides in Cardiff, UK. After completing his BA in Contemporary Arts (Ceramics) at the University of Tasmania, he pursued   PhD in Ceramics from the Cardiff School of Art and Design. In 2011, he was accepted into the Graduate Residence at Fireworks Clay Studios in Cardiff, where he remains a full-time member. He is also a selected member of the Craft Potters Association (CPA).

Jin Eui’s artistic style involves the exploration of tonal effects and spatial illusions using gradients in tone, varying widths of bands, intervals between bands, and the arrangement of tonal blocks. His unique approach has resulted in works that are visually and intellectually challenging. His pieces have been purchased by prestigious institutions such as the Manchester Art Gallery, The National Museum Cardiff, the National Museum of Scotland, and the Shipley Art Gallery for their permanent collections.



  • tools, clay& engobes
  • water, coffee and tea


To bring:

  • apron
  • notebook and pencil
  • lunch


Experience in throwing is required.